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Les Jardins, Maasin, Philippines

April 29, 2008

I am showing you a piece of my favorite get away. It is in the island of Panay that got its name from the fact that when the Spaniards came to the island they saw abundance of food, thus, Pan Hay. This island has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, Boracay. It still has many islands like Boracay that have not been developed or discovered by the usual beach goers. You can check out Concepcion and while there, you can rent a boat to go to some of the islands where there is abundance of sea life and the white sand beaches still offer nature at its best.

Panay’s key city, Iloilo has a new airport in Cabatuan that is up to international standards. This get away of mine, Les Jardins, is in Naslo, Maasin, a short drive from Cabatuan airport. A riverside property, the owners developed it as a big garden where they can host several wedding parties and other receptions. Thus, its French name. When you are there, you can’t help but think abundance as the flowers are always in bloom. If you’re interested to visit this place, just send an e mail to

If you happen to have a long wait in the airport and want to visit this place, just call crisme at 63 33 522 8169.